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Marmara Universtiy visits


Within the scope of the "SEW Days “, we met with the students of Department of Electrical Engineering at Marmara University.

Marmara Universtiy & SEW  " Days"
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Marmara Universtiy & SEW " Days"
Marmara Universtiy & SEW " Days"

On the March 7, 2019 Day, we had the opportunity to get to know SEW-EURODRIVE and its technologies closely together with Marmara University.

Students, who are satisfied with our presentations on Industry 4.0, also thanked us for the information we have given about employment and overall Occupational Health and Safety.

Among them Lecturer. Yelda Karatepe Mumcu (Technical Sciences Vocational School, Head of the Department of Electricity and Energy) was pleased to welcome this community.

We thank them for their interest and wish them continued success