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16-17 April “MOVI-C® Controller CoDeSys v3.5 Programming”


On April 16-17th we organized the training “MOVI-C® Controller CoDeSys v3.5 Programming”

MOVI-C® Controller CoDeSys v3.5 Training
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MOVI-C® Controller CoDeSys v3.5 Training
MOVI-C® Controller CoDeSys v3.5 Training

Some of the participants completed the training to start-up easily their servo products, to detect the system faults and intervent rapidly and also for an easy implementation of their applications. Some of them were with us to learn the advantages and differences of this system from others and they found answers to the question: “Why SEW?” Some of them were interested in improving themselves for their career.

We thank to all of our guests for their interest and for sharing how much they were pleased to practice and experience the simplicity.