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Limitation of deliveries and support capabilities


Focusing on service availability and system relevant key industries

Due to the highly dynamic and unpredictable development of the global corona pandemia caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the overall frame conditions and available business-related information are changing every day.

We have to face, that SEW-EURODRIVE’s production and supply chain will also be affected.

This may cause unpredictable bottlenecks in our deliveries to our customers. With regard to Europe and its up to now identified high-risk areas of the SARS-CoV-2 spread, we cannot forecast the development of the next weeks. Therefore, we are going into a day-to-day operational decision-making process, focusing on the best short-term service to our clients.

The present pandemic situation is a literal case of the Force Majeure. We cannot predict neither the time of duration nor its effect and future impacts in a certain way. Please be assured that we are doing our very best to reduce the negative consequences of the pandemia on our mutual business.

SEW-EURODRIVE is aware of its overall social responsibility. As a company with a global footprint, we focus on the support to the relevant key industries, also called as “system relevant key industries” by official authorities.

The safeguarding of the production and logistics flows in such industries as e.g. food, beverage, pharmaceutics, health care, energy as well as logistics in general, is our top priority when it comes to crisis management.

How to continue with your orders already booked at SEW-EURODRIVE:

- Already completed products and those where final production/assembly has already been started, will be delivered as previously confirmed.

- Orders in progress, but not yet in production/assembly will be checked on individual bases. We will inform you with an e-mail about affected orders and clarify the further steps.

- Final Delivery check – Please, we kindly ask you to immediately provide us your feedback in regards loading, shipping and delivery issues. In case your receiving department or your plant is not able to take the goods, please let us know in advance. These precautions are to avoid double work and extra cost by stocking the units.

- New incoming orders will be evaluated in close cooperation with our production and assembly plants to schedule a possible delivery. We kindly ask you for understanding that until further notice our delivery dates as stated in the order acknowledgements are not binding.

- Service Readiness: Our Drive Technology Centers will provide the full service readiness for you, focusing on repairs and spares units.

We assure to undertake all possible attempts to keep up with our service availability for you. We will do our best to get back to our known and well-appreciated delivery performance as soon as possible.

Best regards


Manager SEW-EURODRIVE Turkey