Terms and conditions of use, 08/2019

1. Validity

Website(s) of SEW-EURODRIVE Hareket Sistemleri Ltd Şti. (hereinafter referred to as "SEW-EURODRIVE") and/or any other affiliates affiliated to the aforementioned parent company (hereinafter referred to as the “websites of SEW-EURODRIVE”) are only allowed to be used on the basis of the terms and conditions stipulated herein.

2. Registration

Certain websites of SEW-EURODRIVE are being protected by passwords due to security reasons that are related with legal issues, and therefore, they are only open to the access of registered users. Authorization is required in order to access to certain web pages of SEW-EURODRIVE, and those, who may access to such web pages, are limited with users authorized by SEW-EURODRIVE, and registration and/or authorization requests of users are excluded explicitly. SEW-EURODRIVE reserves its right to block login data and to cancel access rights, in case any user provides inaccurate information during registration or is not authorized any more to use SEW-EURODRIVE’s websites that may only be opened by authorized users, and in case any user violates his/her duties with regards to maintenance of login data.

Users shall be liable to provide complete and accurate information during registration and to notify SEW-EURODRIVE immediately on any type of change that may occur on such information subsequently. Users shall register by determining their user name and e-mail address, as well as a password. Then, SEW-EURODRIVE shall send an e-mail, which includes the approval link, to the e-mail address provided by the user during registration. Password protected pages shall be activated when the user confirms that he/she is the owner of the e-mail address determined during registration by clicking on the approval link. Users shall be liable to ensure that e-mails sent to the same are received by the same.

3. Rights and Liabilities of the User

In case both of the parties agree, a simple, non-exclusive and non-assignable license shall be issued in relation with the information and software provided by SEW-EURODRIVE for being downloaded, and if no agreement is reached, then subject downloading process shall be consistent with the objective pursued by SEW-EURODRIVE during preparation of subject download information and while opening the same to being accessed.

Users shall not be entitled to request in any way to access to the source code of the software provided to the same. Exemption: Source code of open source software, terms and conditions of licensing of which make it obligatory to access to the source code, in case it is available on the terms and conditions herein. In this case, SEW-EURODRIVE shall ensure that users may access to the source code in consideration of refundable fees.

Users shall ensure that third parties may not access to any information, software, documents or other user data that are provided during registration process. Users shall not be entitled to sell or rent any information, software documentation or user data to any third parties or to allow any third parties to use the same in any other way whatsoever. Unless otherwise stated in mandatory legal requirements, users shall not be entitled to make any changes on the software or documentation, to perform any reverse engineering or inverse transformation procedures or to copy the same. Users shall be entitled to obtain a backup copy of the software, if it is required for being used as a backup in the future on the basis of present terms and conditions of use.

Users accept the liability of any orders and other procedures performed by using their user data. In case any user determines that his/her user data are used by third parties improperly, then users shall be liable to notify SEW-EURODRIVE on such issue immediately (or to notify the same in advance by an e-mail). After receiving such notification, SEW-EURODRIVE shall be entitled to prohibit relative user from accessing to the password protected area related with such user data.

Users shall be entitled to request deletion of their registration data in written as long as such deletion procedure does not conflict with the implementation of contractual issues. In this case, SEW-EURODRIVE shall delete all of the user data and any other information preserved by SEW-EURODRIVE in relation with relative individual.

SEW-EURODRIVE reserves its right to prevent users from accessing to the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE, in case users violate their liabilities determined under the terms and conditions herein in particular.

Users are prohibited from performing below procedures while using the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE:

• To give any damage to any persons or personal rights of any persons;

• To violate commercial protection rights, copyrights or other ownership rights;

• To transfer viruses or other types of programs that may give damage to the software;

• To exhibit any behaviours that are immoral and unethical;

• To enter, save or send illegally any hyperlinks or contents that conflict with confidentiality liabilities or that are illegal in particular, or

• To send spam e-mails, advertisements or inaccurate warnings in relation with viruses, errors or etc. or to send invitations for draws, lottery draws, games of chance, pyramid schemes, chain e-mails or etc.

4. Intellectual Property

Information, software, documentation, texts, pictures, audio files, video files, animation files and other files available in the web pages of SEW-EURODRIVE (hereinafter referred to as “materials”) are protected by copyright in conformity with legal provisions. SEW-EURODRIVE reserves all of the rights related with such materials. Users shall be liable to adhere to such rights.

It is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, transfer, change or use web pages of SEW-EURODRIVE completely or partially (electronically or in any other way) without taking prior approval of SEW-EURODRIVE for public or commercial purposes. This provision also applies to the trademarks and trade names, signs and company logos that are under the ownership of SEW-EURODRIVE.

In addition to the rights that are granted explicitly by the terms and conditions of use herein, SEW-EURODRIVE does not give any other right to users on materials and web pages of SEW-EURODRIVE, and this issue applies particularly to industrial property rights, such as copyrights, company names, patents, utility models, designs and trademarks etc. Also, SEW-EURODRIVE is not liable to grant such rights.

5. References and Links

Web pages of SEW-EURODRIVE include links to other websites. SEW-EURODRIVE represents that its web pages are exempted from illegal contents at the time when such link is established. SEW-EURODRIVE does not have any effect on the current and future design and content of the websites that are linked and/or that are referenced. In this context, SEW-EURODRIVE does not accept any liability in relation with the accuracy, completeness or content of any information available in such websites or ensuring that the same are up-to-date, and EURODRIVE refrains from the content of any websites, which are changed after establishing such link. This statement applies to all of the links that extend from the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE to any external websites and their contents.

6. Online Contents and Responsibility

SEW-EURODRIVE determines specific information and information in its websites. SEW-EURODRIVE reserves its right to change, reproduce or delete all or a part of the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE without any prior notice, and SEW-EURODRIVE also reserves its right to suspend availability of any information temporarily or permanently.

SEW-EURODRIVE does not accept any responsibility in relation with availability of its websites at all times or any potential viruses available in its websites. For the safety of users and SEW websites, users shall be liable to take required security measures before downloading materials.

In case materials are provided by the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE at no cost, no liability shall be accepted about any defect related with quality or ownership. Regarding such information that is in the form of software and documentation, SEW-EURODRIVE shall not assume any liability in relation with accuracy, consistency, non-availability of third party copyrights, completeness and/or usage rights. This provision does not apply to cases where there is wilful misconduct or fraudulent intent.

Materials that are available in the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE may include a comprehensive description of the technical specifications of any specifications or products that are not required under certain special conditions. Product modification is one of such issues. Provided materials are not binding legally, and they do not reflect offers. Therefore, performance requirements expected from products shall be compared during purchase under certain conditions.

7. Exportation Limits

Certain information and services may be provided based on a permit in consideration of relative purpose and intended use or may be prohibited completely due to exportation regulations of the EU, exportation regulations of EU member countries and/or exportation regulations of the USA. SEW-EURODRIVE allow access to its websites and transfer of materials determined in such websites only if users conform to exportation legislations. Otherwise, SEW-EURODRIVE shall be entitled to dent access to the websites of SEW-EURODRIVE and contents available therein.

8. Final Provisions

Additional provisions must be written. In case any individual formulas or any parts of the present text fail to conform to any legal regulations partly or completely, such situation shall not affect the rest of relative document.