ATO5 – industrial gear units to go

Powerful and robust industrial gear units are often associated with customized solutions and – for technical reasons – rather long delivery times. SEW-EURODRIVE is putting an end to this with the ATO5 range: The industrial gear units without design modifications – i.e. "Assemble-To-Order" – leave the factory just 5 working days after being ordered and and make their way to the place of use.

X.e and P gear units ready to deliver in five days

Excellent news if you're in a hurry – whether you work in design, procurement or maintenance. Industrial gear units from SEW‑EURODRIVE are now with you even faster and ensure your application is up and running within a short space of time.

Our ATO5 to go range (ATO = Assemble To Order) for shorter delivery times makes this possible. All ATO5 industrial gear units from the tried-and-tested SEW‑EURODRIVE modular system leave our plant just five working days after your order.

Standard Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gear units in sizes up to 45 kNm and standard P series planetary gear units up to 360 kNm are available as ATO5 products – including almost all options. From March 2021, you can order Generation X.e gear units up to 175 kNm with reduced delivery time.

How do you benefit from our industrial gear units to go?

◾ Better planning

ATO5 gives you more time for planning.

◾ Stress-free configuration

You can configure your system with our gear units at your own pace and then place your order.

◾ More focused development

You can focus on the key aspects of your design.

◾ Faster implementation

Thanks to defined parameters, you can complete projects faster.

Get all the advice you need!

  • Our experts know your industry and requirements.
  • Our global network ensures we are there wherever and whenever you need us.
  • We provide you with the best possible support and advice.

Further details about our "to go range" for industrial gear units

ATO5 industrial gear units available

Close table
X.e gear units1 P gear units

  • Helical and bevel-helical gear units
  • 6.8….45 kNm1
  • Gear ratios from 7 to 350
  • Solid shaft with/without key
  • Hollow shaft with groove or shrink disk

  • Planetary gearmotors
  • 25….360 kNm
  • Gear ratios from 100 to 3500
  • Motor voltages 230/400 and 400/690V, without brakes or encoders
  • Solid shaft with key
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disk

Options: Options:

  • All sealing systems
  • Splash or bath lubrication with oil expansion tank
  • Torque arm
  • Backstop
  • IEC motor adapter
  • Fan

  • All sealing systems
  • Splash or bath lubrication with oil expansion tank
  • Torque arm
  • Gear units without primary gearmotor

1) X.e gear units from 58 to 175 kNm from March 1, 2021
We have stored a table for you here.

Why industrial gear units to go?

Reliable and continuous support and assistance

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ATO5 is part of our service and customer benefit philosophy. Over and above the functional product benefits, we offer our customers close partnerships and continuous support throughout the life cycle of our products – from start to finish. Our ATO5 range is a further illustration of this.

We know your industry and requirements, which is why we completely understand the importance you attach to speed, flexibility and operational reliability.

We're constantly looking for new ways of anticipating your needs and giving you innovative solutions.

We're at your side, each and every day.

Is ETO to go also available?

Do you need industrial gear units with special output shafts, double keys or special sensor technology? We know that many gear units require customer-specific modifications, depending on the application. You can relax:

From March 1, 2021, we'll be delivering these gear units in 15 working days ex works from ordering. Our additional range ETO15 to go (ETO = engineer to order) also meets market needs of this kind within extremely short delivery times.

* Delivery in 3 weeks to Turkey.

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