DriveRadar® for industrial gear units

Would you like to know now what will happen in your system and drive technology later? There is a simple solution – DriveRadar® offers fully comprehensive predictive maintenance management that digitally records and analyzes the operational data of your industrial gear unit and uses this to predict events such as changes in condition.

Condition-based monitoring of gear unit components and maintenance forecasting

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring for industrial gear units – DriveRadar® enables you to plan maintenance and repair activities predictively for your drives and avoid undesirable system failures.

The DriveRadar® operating principle using the example of a Generation X.e industrial gear unit

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A uniform, specially selected and coordinated package of sensors records the industrial gear unit's parameters and sends both them and the GPS localization to the EPU (Edge Processing Unit).

  • Operating hours
  • Input speed
  • Vibration response
  • Oil level
  • Gear unit oil temperature
  • Oil viscosity
  • Electronics temperature
  • Ambient temperature


The EPU records all the sensor data, encrypts it and transmits the collated measured values at frequent intervals via a mobile network to the highly available and specially secured data centers from SEW-EURODRIVE.

  • Plug and play – mounted on the gear unit pre-assembled and ready to go
  • Industrial computer with IEPE, analog and digital inputs
  • LTE modem with GPS localization
  • Data volume included for transmitting data via mobile network


The raw data that has been collected is analyzed, interpreted and prepared in the SEW-EURODRIVE data centers, which are certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.

  • Vibration analysis at a constant and variable speed:
    • Condition of individual bearings and their components (outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements)
    • Condition of individual gearings (local gearing damage, circumferential gearing damage/wear)
  • Oil level and oil consumption forecast:
    • Prediction of the time until a critical oil level is reached due to a decrease or increase in the fill level (due to e.g. oil loss, oil contamination)
  • Forecast for the next oil change:
    • Prediction of the next oil change due based on oil condition calculated according to use
  • GPS location:
    • Gear unit localization on a map in the drive overview
    • Quickly locate the drive if action needs to be taken
  • Oil viscosity
  • Operating hours and downtimes


  • The visualization in the DriveRadar® IIoT Suite (IoT = Industrial Internet of Things) and the corresponding DriveRadar® IIoT App enables you to see the current status of both the drive and all components. This provides your basis for intelligent predictive maintenance.
  • Depending on the measured value, the limit values stored in the system are either taken from customer specifications, adopted from the gear unit selection process or generated by the self-learning system itself within the first few months of operation.
  • The system informs you when a limit value is exceeded and also provides direct recommended actions for solving your problem.
  • You can request the appropriate services for your industrial gear units in the web application at any time or immediately after a system notification.


  1. 1
    Sensors and data acquisition
  2. 2
    Edge processing unit (EPU) / data connection
  3. 3
    Data calculation and data analysis
  4. 4
    DriveRadar® IIoT Suite / DriveRadar® IIoT App

DriveRadar® IIoT Suite

The DriveRadar® IIoT Suite (IIoT = Industrial Internet of Things) can be used both as a web application on a PC or laptop and as an app (DriveRadar® IIoT App) on a mobile device. This means you have a fast, online overview of the condition of your gear unit and all components, enabling you to initiate maintenance and repair activities early and preventively.

  • Software interface with asset overview Asset overview
  • Software interface with detailed overview of an individual gear unit Detailed overview of individual gear units
  • Software interface with evaluation and forecasts Evaluation and forecasts

Asset overview

  • Active condition monitoring of all drives
  • Intuitive and clear user interface
  • Rapid localization of the gear unit if action needs to be taken
  • Condition history automatically recorded in the event logbook

Detailed overview of individual gear units

  • One-page overview of all measured variables and components
  • Innovative notification system for system changes
  • Clear recommendations for action for cause analysis and elimination
  • Overview of operating time
  • Easy to get in touch for additional services

Evaluation and forecasts

  • Validated analytics for early detection of bearing and gearing damage
  • Oil level and oil consumption forecast
  • Forecast for the next oil change
  • Simultaneously display context data in one diagram

Your benefits:

  • Early warning

    of critical changes in condition and abnormal operating behavior thanks to condition monitoring
  • Recognize trends

    through continuous monitoring and intelligent mapping
  • Prevent downtimes

    through transparency about the status and operating behavior of the gear units
  • Efficient operations

    thanks to improved planning of maintenance and repair activities thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Conserving resources

    thanks to optimal utilization of component and system service life
  • Ready to use – plug&play

    with all hardware delivered pre-assembled, parameterized and ready to use from the factory

Measuring hardware, sensor technology and connectivity

Edge device

  • Industrial PC with Intel Multicore processor
  • Operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • IEPE, analog & digital inputs
  • LTE modem with GPS


Temperature sensor:

  • PT100 temperature sensor
  • Measuring range: -50 - 200°C
  • Interchangeable use of measuring equipment

Oil level sensor:

  • Ultrasonic tank transmitter with sound tube
  • Ambient temperature: -40 - 105°C

Speed sensor:

  • Inductive sensor to IEC 60947-5-2
  • Recognizing direction of rotation

Acceleration sensor:

  • Low frequency sensor
  • Resolution: 0.1 Hz at a sample rate of 50 000 Hz


Transfer of measurement data

  • Data transmission via LTE mobile network
  • Measuring intervals vary depending on condition
  • Transmission interval every 10 minutes

Data security

  • Encrypted communication between EPU and SEW cloud
  • Certificate-based identification
  • Comprehensive authorization concept for DriveRadar® IIoT Suite
  • Data stored securely in the SEW-EURODRIVE data center

Ask us for advice

  • Our experts are familiar with your industry and requirements
  • Our global network ensures we are close at hand wherever and whenever you need us
  • We have the expertise and tools to provide you with the best possible support and advice

What is DriveRadar®

Service employee in red jacket and red helmet checks grey industrial gear

Keep ahead of faults with the help of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – DriveRadar® from SEW-EURODRIVE enables you to implement comprehensive predictive maintenance management for your drive by digitally recording and analyzing data and reliably predicting events. You can maintain and improve the condition of your products and systems as a result.

A selected condition monitoring process forms the basis for the DriveRadar® for industrial gear units. At cyclical intervals, this process determines all the mechanical values relevant to operations for your SEW-EURODRIVE industrial gear units that are linked to DriveRadar®.

These diagnostic values are then evaluated and interpreted using state-of-the-art analytical processes. Continuously monitoring the measurement data in this way provides you with transparent insight into the condition of industrial gear units at any time.

In addition, the analytical processes match any irregularities discovered directly to the components concerned. Together with the visualization of trends, this enables you to forecast critical conditions.

If the condition of a component changes, you, the user, are notified immediately, given initial recommendations and can then use our service offerings to take appropriate action in plenty of time. Intelligent and reliable predictive maintenance couldn’t be easier.

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