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  • SEW Workshop MOVIMOT

    Workshop MOVIMOT®

    MOVIMOT®; is a digital frequency inverter for field operations and usually is entegretad in terminalbox

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    Product training and workshops

    Get to know our products and learn how to select, place, use and maintain.

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    Solutions and drive technology

    Learn about all the aspects that are involved for a comlex solution

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    SEW EURODRIVE Izmit Plant

More than a product training

We offer a wide range of trainings, workshops and events about drive technology and drive solutions. The subjects vary from product knowledge and field experience to events about new business models or topics from the industry in the Netherlands and worldwide. Click on the name of the event, workshop or training for more details, dates and to sign up. If no date is set, just sign up and we will contact you.

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Drive Academy Trainings

First-class drivers, innovative solutions, smart engineering, energy efficient applications and quick service; we offer more and add value through trainings and theme days. Improve your knowledge and learn more about products and technics in drive technology.

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Get into contact with us, if you want to know more about how we can stimulate your educational drive or the drive of your colleagues and company.

General terms
Voorwaarden trainingen, worshops en themadagen van SEW-EURODRIVE over aandrijftechniek, aandrijfbesturing, motorreductoren, frequentieregelaars, applicatieregelaars, servo motor, tandwielkasten

Information about start and end times per location, sign up or canceling procedures, costs and discount, safety during your stay and our learning material.

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